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DNA Test for dogs – is this the ultimate gift for dog lovers?

We all love our dogs and that’s not going to change whatever they are ‘made up’ of. For anyone that’s ever owned a mixed-breed though, you’ve no doubt wondered at times just what your dog’s ancestry is.

Do they look like a Labrador but act like a Spaniel?

Do they look like a Beagle but act like a Bulldog?

Do they look like no other breed you’ve ever seen?

Are you sure they are even a dog?

… okay, so the last one is perhaps a little far-fetched, but while every dog has a unique personality, there are a number of breed-specific traits that we can look to for clues. For example, Labradors are calm, cuddle-monsters who eat anything in their site. Spaniels have a tendency to be a bit like a coiled spring, always ready to go. Curious beagles spend their lives with their nose to the ground, while bulldogs are happy to just plod along and observe their surroundings.

There are exceptions to every rule of course, which makes it even trickier to try and figure out what your mixed-breed dog is made up of. More than that though; the visual clues our mixed-breed dogs give us can lead us up the wrong path, as they often don’t look anything at all like the breeds they contain the DNA for.

Do you own a mixed-breed dog? Or is there a mixed-breed dog owner in your life who would love to know more about their dog’s genetic makeup? If so, a DNA test for dogs could be the perfect gift for them.

Yes, you really can get a Dog DNA test!

If you’ve ever looked at your dog and wondered why they act the way they do, then a Dog DNA test could be the answer. It’s simple to use and quick and painless for your dog – all you have to do is take a swab from the inside of your dog’s cheek and then post it off in the packaging provided with your kit. Our US Accredited laboratory will then test your dog’s DNA against a database of over 350 different dog breeds and match the percentages of each breed present to your dog. Results will be emailed to you within a few weeks and then you will finally know what your dog’s genetic makeup is!

A DNA test for Dogs can give important health indicators too

Don’t have anyone to buy a gift for? Then buy one for your dog! A dog DNA test can reveal valuable insights that can help keep your dog happy and healthy for longer. Aside from just the curiosity factor, knowing more about your dog’s DNA can alert you to possible issues associated with the breeds present in their genes. Your Dog DNA Test comes with a customized life plan focusing on activity, nutrition and common health problems that are specific to your dog.

PS) Got a pet cat? You can get DNA tests for cats too!
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