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I want more Chicken Jerky! - The Dog

Emmy's Best Pet Products
I want more Chicken Jerky - Your Dog
America's Favorite American made dog treatsOver 500 5 Star Reviews


Hurry... Time is running out

Recently, you ordered our world-famous Chicken Jerky Dog Treats
for your dog (smart move!).

This made them really happy, right?

Premium Chicken Jerky Jerky Treats Packaging - Front

Well here's the thing.

Your Dog.
Wants more Chicken Jerky.

And they've managed to convince us to bribe you, OK?

So right now, and only on this page, we're making you a special offer:
Sign up for Auto-Delivery of Chicken Jerky Dog Treats, and we'll send you one of your bags FREE on your first shipment!*

This special offer is top-secret, we could never offer this to the public. And you won't find it on our website or on future offers. It's reserved only for our most-valued customers (ahem, that's YOU)!

It's also not an offer we can leave up for long. It's a bit of a test - how long are you willing to put up with your dog's begging, their whining, spinning around, jumping up and down... begging for more of their favorite treat? You know they can tell the difference. They know what good treats are. And they've spoken. Well, they've spoken to us, and now we've brought you here!

It's complicated, so let me break it down for you...

When you sign up for Auto-Delivery:

  • You'll never run out of Chicken Jerky (Your Dog Will Be Happy)
  • You'll always get the best price on Chicken Jerky (You Will Be Happy)
  • You'll know you are always giving your dog the very best dog treats in the world, made with only 1 Ingredient: USDA Grade A Chicken Breast, with No Additives, Fillers of Preservatives (You and Your Dog Will Be Very Happy)

But You Must Hurry, this Special Offer Won't Last Long, and is Only for A Very Select Number of Previous Customers!

Choose from one of the options below. Select two bags or more and we'll send one of your bags of Chicken Jerky absolutely FREE on your first shipment!!

Want to place a one-time order?

Product Seals: Made in USA with love; Satisfaction Guarantee, or your money back; 100% Natural Ingredients

Free, Fast Shipping to Any US address included. Cancel or change your membership at anytime.
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

*Enroll in auto-delivery of 2 bags or more each month to receive one of your bags FREE in your first shipment.
Some restrictions apply. Promotion may be cancelled at any time.


Hurry... Time is running out

Real Customers. Real Reviews.

5 Stars

"I received the Chicken Jerky Treats timely and my dogs loved them. Thank you for making a product good for dogs, that are made in the USA, healthy, no fillers, additives, etc. Happy Customer."

- Dawn

5 Stars

"A good product, even for the fussiest of dogs."

- Becca

5 Stars

"My dog LOVES these! I am so glad I found these treats for my friend Polly. Thanks Emmy's Best Pet Products."

- Tami

5 Stars

"My little Westie, Percy, loves these treats. He knows where they are and will sit and stare at the container until I give in."

- Van

5 Stars

"Our dog is addicted to these..."

- Tim

5 Stars

"I have 3 fox terriers, one of which has terminal cancer in her jaw. Due to the location of the tumor eating has become difficult for her and she's gotten very very finicky. She'll come and tell me she wants something, so I start putting stuff out for her, and the one thing she takes 99% of the time are her Chicken Jerky Treats!"

- Lisa

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