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Bad breath? Carpet stains?
Easily solve the most common pet problems with Emmy’s Best Pet Products!
  • High Quality Ingredients

    We always use the highest quality ingredients, with names you can easily pronounce, without the use of fillers, additives, or perservatives.

  • Made in the USA

    Our products are lovingly made in small batches, not by heavy machinery, but by pet lovers who care about your pet - right here in the USA.

  • People & Pet Safe

    We believe our pets are not "Like Members of the family", they ARE members of the family. We believe in giving them the very, very best. That is why we only source the safest ingredients and products for your furry friend.

EMMY'S BEST PET PRODUCTS solves common pet parent problems.

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Many pet owners are turning to natural pet supplies to give their lovable best friends

the care they need. Check out our best sellers to see what others are buying!

chicken jerky dog treats
premium dog treats
Regular price $29.95 Sale price$26.95 Save 10%
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Stop the Chew anti-chew spray for dogs
stop the chew spray
Regular price $19.95 Sale pricefrom $16.95 Save 15%
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Regular price $39.95 Sale price$29.95 Save 25%
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Tired of paying for expensive pet products? Owning a pet doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Check out our selection of discounted and on-sale items today!

A bottle of pet water additive that is rated highly on Amazon
A dog drinking canine dental water additive from a bowl
Regular price $22.95 Sale price$19.95 Save 13%
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Emmy’s Best Pet Products pet odor and stain remover
Spraying pet odor stain eliminator on a carpet stain
Regular price $24.95 Sale pricefrom $18.95 Save 24%
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Regular price $21.95 Sale pricefrom $18.95 Save 14%
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Keep your little furball happy and healthy by finding the right cat supplies to take exceptional care of them. Whether you’re looking to improve their dental care or stop them from itching, we have just what you need. Have questions about a product? Contact us today and we will be happy to help you make a selection!
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There’s no way you can measure the amount of satisfaction and fulfillment your furry friend provides. Emmy’s Best Pet Products offer the dog supplies you need to spoil, feed and take great care of your cuddly companion. You can find the natural pet supplies your pet needs, from tasty treats, dental care, and even sun skin protector.
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Smells great, got my german shepherd to stop chewing

“Our German Shepherd puppy took up eating our baseboards and door frames, which I'll be in therapy for the rest of my life. Buying this spray has stopped the problem completely, but the scars will be there forever. Or until my next Home Depot trip. Anyways, 10/10!”

Lauren Habermehl

Saving our furniture from our puppy

“Our 6 month old puppy is starting to chew on our mattress and dining room chairs. Bought the bitter apple spray, after good recommendations. So far, she has stopped chewing on the mattress. Will treat dining room furniture this week.”

Charles Gibbs

It Works!

“Just had to use it a few times to give our new family member a quick redirect. Easy to use - it worked as intended and that's all that really matters!”


Our dog loves these. She used to only eat …

“Our dog loves these. She used to only eat the dried chicken treats from Costco that they discontinued. Now she will only eat these!”

P. Lorenzen

The proof is in the bag--no treats are left!

“My goldendoodle loved this, and she is pretty picky. I will order again!”

Scott F.

these are healthy for my dog

“My dog was very happy that I remembered to buy her these again”

Jo Ann Parkinson

This stuff WORKS!!!

“Was at my wits end with destroyed furniture and window treatments. This product worked from the first time I used it. I spray 2-3 times per week, and as an added measure I clip my cat's nails whenever they get a sharp point. I now have new furniture and no cat damage.”

Lee A Kryszewski

Works Pretty Well

“I’ve only had this product for a couple weeks now and it really seems to work. My cat used to scratch our couch like crazy, to the point where it seemed like she wouldn’t want to get on the couch with out scratching it. Now that I’ve started using this my cat has not scratched the couch at all. It smells good and works! Hopefully after a few months things don’t change but as of now it seems to be working great.”

Los Angeles, CA

Beyond expectations!

My cat has a tendency to knock things over ( don’t they all?!) I used this once and she’s avoided the things ever since! I may be able to have live plants again!



“We have three cats and just got a new expensive sofa. This products works!!!!!”


Pet Products, With Purpose

We believe in giving them the very, very best. Here at Emmy's Best Pet Products, we strive to make the finest natural pet supplies. For us, quality means doing it right when no one else is looking. We want to make the best premium pet products in the world. All of our products are made in the USA, and all of them come with an unconditional, Paw's Promise 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We’re the best source for owners to order pet supplies online.

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