New Kitten Checklist: Must-Have Supplies for New Cat Owners

A kitten relaxing on a bed

Welcoming a feline friend to your home is such an exciting occasion, but make sure you have all of the basic kitten essentials ready to go! After all, being a pet parent requires more than just love and attention — you need some important supplies to keep your kitten happy, healthy, and entertained. Here are the must-have items you’ll need.

1. A Litter Box and Litter

Once your kitten is around 3-4 weeks old, they should be ready to learn how to use the litter box. Fortunately, cats naturally seek out sandy areas to do their business, so litter training them shouldn’t be too difficult — they just need a little encouragement. Your new kitten checklist should include a litter box that’s easy for your kitten to get in and out of, as well as litter and a scoop.

2. Food and Treats

In order to avoid tummy issues, you should start by feeding your kitten whatever they were eating before arriving at their new forever home. If you do decide to change their diet, do so gradually over the course of 7-10 days. Talk to your vet if you’re not sure what type of food is best for your kitty. Some kittens may need a specific type of formula to help them grow big and strong.

While treats are not the most important item on your new kitten checklist, they can be helpful for rewarding good behavior or just making them feel extra loved while you’re in the bonding process. Giving too many treats can cause kittens to gain too much weight, so it’s best for their treat intake to make up around 10% of their complete diet.

When shopping for kitten essentials, don’t forget to pick up some designated water and food bowls. Start with small bowls so your kitten can feast with ease!

3. Stain and Odor Remover

Even the sweetest kittens are bound to cause some stains and smells from time to time! Add our amazing Pet Odor & Stain Eraser to your new kitten checklist so you can nip them in the bud immediately. The triple-action formula is made with our exclusive enzyme solution that’s safe for virtually any surface and targets bacteria to eliminate the stain or pet odor for good. It even leaves behind a lovely lavender scent!

4. ID Tag and Collar

If your kitten finds their way out of your home, a collar with an ID tag with your contact information will drastically improve your odds of reuniting. Just make sure the collar isn’t too tight to cause discomfort, but also not too loose to slide off.

5. Oral Hygiene Care

A kitten with their mouth open wide

Make sure your new kitten checklist includes our Pet Dental Care Water Additive! Your pet’s oral health can affect their overall health (and nobody likes fishy cat breath), so don’t overlook this important item. Brushing a kitten’s teeth is extremely difficult, to say the least! All you have to do is add this handy product to your kitten’s water bowl, and it’ll eliminate bacteria and reduce tartar and plaque. Don’t overlook the importance of dental care for pets when shopping for kitten essentials!

6. Toys

Whether you need to calm an aggressive cat or entertain your kitten on a rainy day, you should have a variety of toys available for playtime. Kittens tend to have a tremendous amount of energy, so this is one of the items on your new kitten checklist that benefits both of you. You’ll be glad your furry friend is all tuckered out when you want to get some sleep!

7. Scratch Deterrent Spray

Kitty claws can cause a lot of damage to your furniture and other items around the house. Our patent-pending, non-toxic Stop The Scratch Natural Cat Scratch Deterrent Spray is safe for pets and people, and it works wonders in stopping them from hanging out in areas where they could cause damage. The scent is pleasant to humans, but your kitten will be happy to stay away!

8. Furniture

Your new kitten checklist should include some kitten-friendly furniture, such as a place to sleep and a place to perch. Kittens love watching the world around them from above, and they have a blast jumping and running around. At the same time, sometimes they want to retreat and have some alone time. Make sure your kitten has a variety of scenery options to fit their mood.

9. Anti-Itch Spray

A kitten laying in a pile of leaves

You might not need anti-itch spray immediately, but you’ll be glad to have it ready if your kitten is uncomfortable. When shopping for kitten essentials, be sure to add our Stop The Itch Maximum Strength Chlorhexidine Spray for Dogs and Cats to your new kitten checklist. If your kitten has an allergic reaction, gets a fungal or bacterial infection, or experiences other skin conditions, this medicated spray can provide fast and effective relief while also treating the root cause of the itch.

10. A Cat Carrier

Even if you don’t plan on bringing your cat out of the house, vet visits are bound to happen eventually, so you’ll need a carrier ready.

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Congratulations on starting an exciting chapter in your life and in the life of your adorable kitten! Check our pet blog for more expert guidance on all things cats and dogs, and shop quality cat supplies for your new kitten checklist at Emmy’s Best Pet Products!