How to Keep Pets Busy During Rainy Days

When your pup gets bored on a rainy day, trouble ensues. Dogs that don't have anything to do will likely get into everything from the plants to your shoe closet and chew on your furniture. Keep your dog happy and out of trouble with some fun rainy-day games and activities. Here are a few ideas to get started. 

Dog on a rainy day - Emmy's Best Pet

Play Hide and Seek

Just like kids, dogs also love a good game of hide and seek that stirs some excitement. Give them a command to stay and sit and choose a hiding place somewhere in your home. When you're ready, call your dog and wait for them to find you. Don't be surprised if they get excited and want you to do it again and again.

Schedule a Doggie Play Date

Give your dog some socialization and interaction with a doggie play date. Invite over their best buddy and let them play in the house, a covered porch, or an open garage if it's safe to do so and any tools are tucked away. If your pup's BFF is prone to chewing, grab some Stop the Chew Bitter Spray Deterrent for a safe and effective way to keep gnawing teeth at bay.

Hide a Tasty Treat in a Toy

Give dogs a fun challenge with a reward they'll enjoy with the help of a tasty treat inside a toy. Choose a toy that's safe for chewing and contains an area to tuck a treat inside. Keep it healthy with an option like our Premium Chicken Jerky Dog Treats with only one ingredient: USDA Grade A chicken breasts. They'll love the game and the treat, so make sure you have extras on hand.

Go to a Dog-Friendly Café or Pub

Get out for a change of scenery with your dog and head somewhere you can both relax. More cities and towns are opening up dog-friendly cafes and pubs where you can bring your best friend to hang out. If there's not a suitable option in your area, ask around to see if local restaurants and eateries offer covered, outdoor dining where your pup is welcome to join.

Create an Indoor Obstacle Course

An indoor obstacle course is a perfect way to keep your dog (and cats!) busy on a rainy day. Set out bins, boxes, cones, and anything else ideal for course creation in an open space in your home. Let them explore and enjoy figuring out the course. Or encourage them by doing it with them, followed by a well-deserved treat for both dog and human.

Design a Dog-Friendly Bowling Game

Believe it or not, there are a handful of dog-friendly bowling alleys ready to turn your furry friends pro. Or you can recreate a dog-friendly bowling game at home with a rubber ball and plastic cups for pins. Demonstrate how it works and encourage your dog to get his ball moving and knock down the pins. They may just opt to go straight for the pins and skip the ball, but at least they'll be entertained and content on a rainy day.  

Rainy days don't have to derail your dog's day and can be something to look forward to with the right plan in place. Jot down a few ideas or come up with your own to keep a go-to list of your dog's favorite pastimes.