No more ‘fishy cat’ or ‘stinky dog’ breath!

It’s a New Year and we all know what that means…

New Year’s Resolutions!

It’s time to set yourself a target that you plan to stick to and hope that you can look back at the end of 2019 and say that you made it.

Hand’s up - who brushes their teeth every night before bed? Be honest…

We all know how important dental hygiene is, but let’s face it, brushing our teeth when we’re sleepy and just want to crawl under the duvet can sometimes be a challenge. It’s just so much easier to think ‘I’ll do it in the morning’ as you drift off, blissfully unaware of just how much the bacteria in your mouth are thanking you for the opportunity to have a party and multiply further as you sleep.

If you struggle to keep to your own New Year’s Resolutions, or if you’re already really good at keeping your own teeth clean, then why not set a goal to keep your dog or cat’s teeth in top condition instead?

This isn’t just about bright pearly whites though. Pets with poor oral hygiene can experience many health issues that can be far more severe than just stinky breath. Poor oral hygiene in pets, just like with us humans, can lead to gum disease which can absolutely devastate your pets mouth. Eroded gums, missing teeth, bone loss and chronic pain are terrible for your dog or cat to suffer, but worse still is that a pet with gum disease is at higher risk for heart, kidney and liver disease – all of which can be fatal. Fortunately, there is something that we, as owners, can do about this – we can keep our pet’s teeth and gums clean for them.

Before you recoil in horror, we do appreciate that brushing your pet’s teeth is not without its own challenges – anyone who has tried to manually brush their dog or cat’s teeth will appreciate that it’s no easy task!

Our pets are lucky though as, with your help, they can bypass this nightly routine and still have great oral hygiene! Better still, there’s absolutely no tooth brushing required – so no need to pin your pet down and deal with a grumbling dog or a hissing cat that really doesn’t want a toothbrush forced into its mouth.

You can do wonders for your pet’s dental hygiene simply by adding 1-2 capfuls of our Pet Water Additive to each full water bowl. Your dog or cat will benefit from healthier teeth and gums as the bad bacteria are washed out of their mouths, and you will both benefit from no more smelly dog breath or fishy cat breath waking you as a big tongue licks your face in the morning.

Need further convincing? Think of all the expensive vet bills you could be spared – no more vet cleanings, no tooth extractions and no risky anesthesia… with the extra dollars you could even go out and buy everyone in your household an electric toothbrush so that the whole family can embark upon their New Year’s Resolution together!

… or you could stock up on dog treats instead.