Could this pet carpet cleaner be the solution to all your problems?

Paw prints – you’ve gotta love them and, as a nation of animal-lovers, we certainly do! They’re the universal symbol of animal love, they feature in the design of many a tattoo and they can be seen on clothing, artwork and a whole variety of products across the country.

Basically, we all love a paw print!

There are few things better than shaking a warm paw as your dog proudly presents it to you or holding your dog’s paw and giving him a cuddle while he twitches away in his sleep.

…but there’s a darker side to these lovely little prints, and that darker side comes in the form of dirt!

When we go outside we wear shoes and, particularly when they are mucky, we take them off before coming inside again so that we don’t get the carpets dirty. It’s not the same for our pets though. With nothing to protect their paw pads from the elements they casually traipse through soil, mud, water and whatever else might feel nice and squishy between their toes – and not once would they think of stopping to let you wipe their paws before dashing past you into the house.

There are very few pet owners out there that will not, at one time or another, have been faced with a carpet full of paw prints, or a trail leading from the backdoor right to the top of the stairs.

Cats can be just as bad too. They might look all cute and innocent, they may have smaller prints than dogs and they might not generally like plodding through the dirt as much, but show a cat a slimy, murky fish pond and I bet his paws would be straight in, scooping about to see what he can find beneath the depths before you could say ‘dinnertime’. And, while their paws may be smaller, our feline friends (particularly the boys) can attack our carpets in a different way; they have a tendency to mark their territory in the most inconvenient of places around the home, which doesn’t exactly do wonders for the look or smell of your carpets.

This is where our pet carpet cleaner comes in

If you’ve found yourself to be the owner of a mucky pup or a careless cat then don’t worry. Our powerful odor and stain eraser is the perfect pet carpet cleaner to get your floors looking good-as-new again. It’s pleasantly scented with lavender to get rid of any nasty smells and its triple-action formula not only takes out tough stains, but breaks down organic compounds, so it’s great if you’ve got a naughty dog that likes to roll in other dog mess, or a cat that keeps claiming the hallway carpet as its own.  

If you’re a frustrated pet owner who’s tearing your hair out thanks to the mess your dog or cat is making of your carpets, then try our pet carpet cleaner and you won’t be disappointed – it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee too – we’re that confident that it works!