How to Prepare Your Dog for Staying Home Alone

Dog people have all experienced that heartache of leaving their pup at home and seeing their separation anxiety spiral. Watching our dogs struggle is challenging, but leaving a dog at home alone can be a comfortable and enjoyable experience with the right approach. Here's how to get started.

Make it Special

Train your dog to view you leaving the house as a special event by offering a unique treat. Save a snack like our Premium Jerky Dog Treats and a special lovey for them to snuggle with every time you leave home. They'll still be overjoyed when you return but also look forward to their extra special home alone time.

Schedule Some Play Time

Delight your dog with some high-energy playtime to lift their spirits and release their excess energy. If you don't have time for play, try a jog to wear your dog out and get them ready for a nap. By the time you leave, they'll feel ready to settle in for a snooze and relaxation.

Offer Some Love

Assure your dog how much you care for them with some extra love before you leave. Lots of snuggles, brushing their coat, or a doggie massage with long strokes help relieve their attention and get in the touch time they crave. A little praise and hugs also go a long way.

Give Them a Task

Dogs are task-oriented and enjoy a fun challenge. Hide a toy with a treat inside, like our all-natural Elk & Venison Topper in a dog-approved area of your home. They'll have a blast hunting for it, digging into their treat, and chewing on their toy. After their adventure, they're ready to settle down and take their mind off their separation anxiety.

Leave on Some Music

If your dog enjoys some noise and activity, leave some music on when you leave. Choose something relaxing and soft enough that they can sleep without being disturbed. If the soft music doesn't do the trick, dog videos on YouTube also entertain them while you're away on an errand or at work.

Practice Makes Perfect

Give your dog a chance to practice you leaving the house for long periods of time. Prep them for your departure and then take a short walk or do a quick errand and return in about 15-minutes. Slowly work up to hours so that it feels like the new normal for your pup. They'll also learn to trust that you always come back for them, no matter how long you're gone.

Dog Proof Your Home

Even if your dog is a seasoned pro at staying off of the couch and refraining from knocking things down, leaving them alone is a game-changer. You don't know if they'll experience boredom or anxiety and may need some help to stay out of trouble. Dog proof your home with pet gates while still leaving plenty of room to roam.

Reaching for our Stop the Chew spray can also alleviate compulsive chewing on furniture and baseboards. The alcohol-free formula contains natural bitters to naturally distract them from destructive chewing.

Invest in a Dog Walker

A dog walker is a small investment in your pet's well-being and health. Schedule your walker for a time of day when you know your dog is the most restless or in the middle of the day. Your dog gets some human interaction, releases excess energy, and gets some time in the fresh air to soothe their worries. 

Final Thoughts

With some planning and innovation, your dog can spend time alone without stress or loneliness. It all starts with managing their energy and assuring them you'll be back, along with some special treats and toys along the way. Need reinforcements? Shop our selection of all-natural sprays and treats now.