Pet Emergency Preparedness: What Your Pets Really Need During a Weather Emergency

If you don’t already have a pet emergency preparedness kit ready to go at a moment’s notice, now’s the time to put one together! Extreme weather is inevitable, from floods and forest fires to earthquakes and tornadoes. If severe weather conditions were to strike your home, do you have a pet disaster preparedness plan in place?

Here are some important items and ideas to ensure that your furry family member stays happy and healthy if a weather emergency should occur.

An Escape Plan

Before an emergency strikes, make sure you and your pets have a rock-solid escape plan. Knowing exactly where to go for fast shelter is a crucial step in putting together a pet emergency preparedness plan. Identify a room in your home that serves as a safe room to provide protection from harsh weather conditions like hurricanes or tornadoes. An escape plan can also include a friend’s or relative's house you can go to or a route to escape a fire, for example.

Food & Water

A bag of Elk & Venison Topper

Food and water should be readily available, but many pet owners don't consider the big picture on how to plan. First and foremost, you need at least five days' worth of food and water on hand in case you can't get to the store for more provisions. When putting together your pet emergency preparedness kit, choose filtered water that's factory-sealed to ensure that it's safe to drink for as long as possible.

Beyond the quantity of food, consider its quality when putting together your pet disaster preparedness kit. Feeding your pets ultra-processed food during a long-term emergency can lead to health issues and malaise.

Our freeze-dried meal toppers have no additives, fillers, or preservatives. We focus on high-quality options, like our freeze-fried Elk & Venison Meal Topper with free-range elk and venison meat, organs, and bones and Premium Chicken Jerky Dog Treats that are made with just one ingredient: chicken.


Stocking up on your pet's medication is a must. Ask your vet for additional medicine specifically for your pet's emergency preparedness kit. Store it up high in a dry, cool place that won't be tempting for furry friends to get into. Remember to include droppers and anything else that may be required to administer the medication.

It's also wise to think ahead and prep products to help soothe unexpected fungal infections or other issues. Products like Stop The Itch offer maximum strength protection for dogs and cats who are compulsively itching. Pet Dental Care Water Additive makes maintaining your pets’ oral health a breeze.

Anxiety Deflection

Stop The Chew spray

Dogs and cats experience anxiety just like humans, so keep that in mind as you think about your pet's emergency preparedness plan. Give your pets some comfort while sheltering during emergency weather. Lots of cuddling, playing together with a favorite toy, and listening to music are a few places to start.

Your pets may also need extra help with issues like scratching and chewing. Your pet disaster preparedness kit should include products like Stop The Chew spray to keep dogs from chewing and Stop The Scratch spray to keep cats from scratching.


Keep your pets' accessories ready to go at a moment's notice. Keep their pet carrier, leash, harnesses, and anything they need to ride in a car near your pet emergency preparedness kit or your home’s exit. It's also wise to keep a copy of their medical info, veterinarian's phone number, and any other crucial information within reach.

Current Pet Photos

It's devastating to think about being separated from a pet, but it does happen during weather emergencies. Keep current photos on hand or uploaded to your social media channels. If your pet goes missing, you have recent photos ready to go while asking the community for help.

Plan Ahead

You can't always predict weather emergencies, but you probably know what time of year it's likely to affect your area the most and when you should be most vigilant about pet emergency preparedness. Plan ahead by regularly checking the weather, double-checking your emergency kit, and feeding your pets quality food. Make sure they're well-fed and have enough weight on them to maintain for a few days of hunkering down with the limited rations in your pet disaster preparedness kit.

Schedule In Rest

A resting dog

A weather emergency causes stress and anxiety for both humans and pets alike. Give your furry family members a chance to rest and recover from the ordeal.

Keep up with their usual exercise routine, but don't expect them to be ready to jump into action and have the same energy level as before. Part of pet emergency preparedness is paying attention to how your pet communicates, so you pick up on any changes. If your pet still seems out of sorts and sluggish after a week, ask your veterinarian for assistance.

Final Thoughts

Weather emergencies are unpredictable, but your response doesn't have to be. Prepare your home and pets for protection and give yourself peace of mind. Check our blog for more expert information on keeping your beloved pet happy and healthy, even during difficult times. Shop high-quality pet supplies for your pet disaster preparedness kit at Emmy’s Best Pet Products!