The hidden dangers of Chinese dog treats

None of us would intentionally feed our dogs anything that would harm them – in fact, we do whatever is within our power to keep them safe. We elevate our dogs to a status as high (and often higher) as friends and family members and it’s no wonder because dogs are amazing! They are always happy, waggly-tailed and excited to see us, they forgive our mistakes and they don’t take their bad days out on us.

It’s no wonder that, as a nation, we love to spoil our pooches. We shower them with love and affection and provide them with all the things that make them happy, like long walks and delicious dog treats.

Particularly around Christmas though, this can lead to us giving them treats that we think they will enjoy – and they probably will – but which can actually be extremely harmful. A prime example is demonstrated in Chinese dog treats.

Why does it matter if my dog’s treats come from China?

Many people are unaware of the hidden dangers of Chinese dog treats, but it has been a known issue for a while now, with the FDA issued repeated warnings associated with chicken jerky treats since 2007.

Fanconi’s Syndrome is a serious condition linked to the consumption of jerky dog treats, mainly those made from chicken or duck, and particularly when wrapped around fruit or vegetables, such as sweet potato and yam. Symptoms in the early stages include extreme tiredness, lethargy, excessive thirst, excessive urination, reduced appetite and weight loss. If recognized early then affected dogs can recover over time with good supported care, but in its worst cases, this severe condition can result in irreversible kidney damage leading to death, or necessary euthanasia.

A number of jerky treat brands have been linked to Fanconi’s Syndrome, but the Veterinary Poisons Information Service (VPIS) documented in their latest annual report that a staggering 59% of these treats were manufactured in China. Why exactly these treats are poisoning our dogs has not been definitively established, although theories exist around the presence of melamine, salmonella, pesticides, glycerin and antivirals – the one thing that is clear though, is that even if we are unsure why there is a link, we still know that there is one.  

How can I ensure the dog treats I buy are safe to feed to my dog?

Always check where anything you feed your dog was produced – if there is any indication that China was involved in the manufacturing process, or if you are unsure, then avoid buying it. Only purchase dog treats from reputable sellers and be cautious of those sold in supermarkets, as the cheaper, mass-produced brands often contain Chinese ingredients.

At Emmy’s Best Pet Products we know where all of our products are manufactured. Our Premium Chicken Jerky Dog Treats are 100% sourced and produced in the USA, using USDA Grade A Chicken Breast. They contain absolutely no fillers, additives or preservatives, and absolutely nothing originating from China.

If you have been giving your dog jerky treats, or in fact any treats that may have been manufactured in China, or using Chinese ingredients, we caution you to think about the risks and familiarize yourself with the symptoms of Fanconi’s Syndrome. Should your pet dog be exhibiting any signs or illness, please seek veterinary advice as quickly as possible.