Why Your Pets Are Scratching Themselves (And How to Help)

We've all experienced it. Seeing our pets scratching nonstop without relief is heartbreaking. It's also our responsibility to make sure our pets stay healthy, happy, and pain-free. Give your pets the care they deserve by staying on top of these itch-inducing issues. 

Boredom or Anxiety

Anxious and stressed pets, especially dogs, are more prone to scratching than those who aren't. Sometimes scratching is mild and a clue about what is stressing them out. Other times the issue becomes compulsive and needs to be addressed. Try offering a toy or sitting down and petting them to soothe the anxiety to give them an alternative to scratching. 


A fungal infection or other similar problem quickly leads to chronic scratching. Investigate where your pet is scratching to see how severe the pain is. A specially designed product like our Stop the Itch product may also offer relief.

Our non-scented medicated spray for dogs and cats quickly and effectively treats bacterial and fungal infections, reactions to allergies, and other skin conditions. 

Allergies & Dry Skin

Allergies and dry skin often go hand-in-hand, and both conditions aggravate your pets and lead to constant scratching and ongoing pain. Wiping your dogs' belly and paws after a walk may offer some relief from environmental allergens.

Remember to address the issue and not just the symptom. Investigate if your pets have problems with a specific food, laundry detergent, or pet shampoos to get to the root of the problem. 

Parasites & Ticks

Parasites, ticks, and bugs are culprits in nonstop scratching. Check your pets over when they come inside and look for telltale critters. If the problem persists, check in with your veterinarian to see if medication is necessary to treat your cats and dogs.


Turning to traditional medication may be necessary to treat your pets' scratching. However, some medication comes with long-term adverse effects and lead to itching. f your pet is already on medication for any issue, ask your veterinarian about possible alternatives. 


Diet is an overlooked culprit of scratching, and the issue is usually ultra-processed pet food with fillers your pets are allergic to. Change up their nutrition by offering high-quality food toppers and treats.

Our Premium Chicken Jerky Dog Treats have one ingredient: USDA Grade A Chicken Breast. That's it. They contain no additives, fillers, preservatives, colors, or added flavors.


Sometimes our furry family members are scratching because they're in pain. If your dog is scratching at his paw, licking, and pulling, check to see if they have a thorn or pebble stuck between his toes. You'll earn major points for being their hero.

Hot Spots

Pets with existing hot spots on their skin may be scratching to soothe the pain. Ointments and protection like bandages could help alleviate the problem and reduce the scratching. The idea is to heal the hot spot, so pets stop feeling their painful symptoms.

Final Thoughts

There's no need to watch your pets grapple with the impact of nonstop itching. Give them the comfort and care they deserve with the proper treatment, food, and pet-approved products.