Pet Dental Care - Water Additive

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Bad breath is caused by bacteria building up In your pet's mouth but can be corrected. Emmy's Premium Water Additive wipes out harmful bacteria, leaving a cleaner, healthier, and better-smelling mouth.

Reduce Tartar and Plaque Buildup on Teeth and Gums

When used consistently, our Premium Formula reduces tartar and plaque buildup, which causes Periodontal Disease in Pets.

Exclusive No-Brush Formula

Have you ever tried brushing your pet's teeth? It Isn't Easy...and vet cleanings can get expensive quickly and involve the risks of using anesthesia. Instead of struggling to brush your pet's teeth, safely add the product to your pet's water bowl. 

Part of a Healthy Oral Care Routine

Veterinarians recommend daily brushing, but the next best thing is preventative maintenance when that's not possible. Use our Premium Pet Water Additive as an alternative to keep your sanity and your pets' gums and teeth healthy.

Healthy Teeth and Gums Lead to Better Overall Health and Longer Lives

The research is detailed: Pets' oral hygiene affects overall health. Make the smart choice and start improving your pet's oral hygiene today!

Remember puppy breath and sweet kitten kisses? That sweet, innocent aroma brings back fond memories of when your pet was young. Re-capture the health and vitality of that time with Emmy's Best Pet Products Pet Water Additive.

We take care of our own teeth, so why not take care of our pets' teeth! It could not be easier our Pet Water Additive. Simply add 1-2 Tablespoonful's (1-2 capfuls) with each full water bowl. Adding our Pet Water Additive is essential to your pet's daily oral care.