New Puppy Checklist: Everything You Need for Your New Pup

A puppy laying in grass

So you’ve decided to welcome a furry, four-legged family member to your home — congratulations! Now it’s time to get the new puppy essentials you need to be an amazing pet parent. Just like human babies, keeping puppies happy and healthy requires a variety of supplies, as well as lots of love and patience! Here are the must-haves for a new puppy.

1. Food & Treats

Not all dog food and treats are created equally! There’s more to providing your pup with a nutritious diet than just picking up the first bag of puppy chow you see at the store. As you put together your new puppy checklist, spend some time researching healthy food options.

In addition to your puppy’s regular meals, you’ll want to keep some delectable treats on hand to show them some love when they’re being extra good! Give them healthy treats in moderation, and make sure their teeth are developed enough to chew them properly.

Made from only natural, whole ingredients, our Premium Chicken Jerky Dog Treats and Elk & Venison Topper are just what pups need to grow strong!

2. A Place to Sleep

Puppies need plenty of rest! If you’re planning to crate train your pup, the crate can double as a bed. Otherwise, you’ll need to add a bed to your new puppy checklist. When selecting bedding, be careful that you don’t use anything chewable that could be harmful to your puppy.

3. An ID Tag

Next on the list of new puppy essentials, you’ll need an ID tag, even if you plan to keep your puppy indoors most of the time. You never know when they could escape, and even if they’re microchipped, an ID tag ensures that they’re identified and brought home as quickly as possible.

4. A Collar and/or Harness

A puppy wearing a harness outside

Collars are ideal for daily wear, but harnesses provide more control on your outdoor adventures. We recommend adding both to your new puppy checklist so you can switch them out as needed. Because puppies grow so fast, you’ll want to get an adjustable collar, so you don’t have to replace it constantly. Check it often to make sure it’s not too tight!

5. A Leash

Once your furry companion is ready to brave the great outdoors, you’ll need a leash. Leash training is an absolute must, even if your puppy is extremely well-behaved. Puppies need to be taught how to walk together with their owner, and allowing them to walk unleashed leaves them vulnerable to danger.

6. Water and Food Bowls

While you can probably get away with using your own dishes, doggy-designated bowls for water and food belong on every new puppy checklist.

7. Odor and Stain Eraser

There’s nothing like that new puppy smell! When picking up new puppy essentials, make sure you get some Pet Odor & Stain Eraser to keep your home smelling and looking fresh. Our triple-action formula uses an exclusive enzyme cleaner solution that eliminates the bacteria that cause stains and odors, leaving behind a pleasant lavender scent. Safe for virtually any surface, our Pet Odor & Stain Eraser is perfect for cleaning crates and kennels, as well as furniture, mattresses, and anything else that gets soiled.

8. Chew and Comfort Toys

A puppy with a chew toy

Puppies are energetic (to put it lightly), so be sure to add some playthings to your new puppy checklist. You might need to experiment with various toys to find your pup’s preferences. Chew toys are a must when your puppy’s teething and a plush toy can make a comforting snuggle buddy. Just make sure you only use toys that are puppy-approved for safety, as human plush toys may contain harmful fillings.

9. Dental Care Water Additive

Brushing a puppy’s teeth is no easy task! Our Pet Dental Care Water Additive makes it easy to stay on top of your pup’s oral health. Simply add it to the water dish, and it’ll go to work, eliminating bacteria and reducing plaque and tartar buildup. Add it to your new puppy checklist so you can enjoy those sweet puppy kisses!

10. Doggy Sun Skin Protector

Just like their owners, dogs can be harmed by the sun’s UV rays. When shopping for new puppy essentials, it’s easy to forget about sun protector. The problem is that many formulas that are made for humans contain chemicals that are harmful to dogs. Our Dog Sun Skin Protector is a simple and effective solution that lets you enjoy those sunny days together worry-free.

11. Anti-Itch Spray

You never know when a puppy might get a bacterial or fungal infection, an allergic reaction, or other skin conditions. Add our medicated chlorhexidine Stop The Itch spray to your new puppy checklist so you can provide immediate relief and treat the root cause of the itchiness. This is one of the must-haves for a new puppy because you don’t want your beloved friend to be uncomfortable while waiting for medication or a vet appointment.

12. Grooming and Hygiene Supplies

A puppy in the bath

In order to keep your puppy clean, you’ll need some puppy-specific shampoo, as well as grooming tools like a nail clipper, a brush, and a comb.

12. Chew Deterrent

Puppies are chewers! Our Stop The Chew bitter spray deterrent is a safe solution that uses all-natural bitter agents to keep your puppy from gnawing on your household items and potentially ingesting something dangerous. It’s safe, effective, and includes our 14-day training program.

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We hope this new puppy checklist is helpful as you start your new life together! Check our pet blog for more expert tips on keeping your pets happy and healthy, and shop for high-quality dog supplies at Emmy’s Best Pet Products now!