Why All Dog Treats Aren't Created Equally

Dog treats are pretty similar to human foods-whether you’d like to believe it or not! A lot of people don’t really pay attention to the ingredients that are in the food their pets eat. They see the “dog” on the label and think that makes it perfect for their furry companion. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. There are plenty of treats on the market specifically made for dogs that aren’t healthy options. 

Take rawhide for instance- a treat and toy that people gave their dogs for years. Something that was used for years is now advised against due to health concerns by experts. Times change and so do the demands of pet parents everywhere. We want healthier, safer, and cleaner options for our loved ones!  

Ingredients to Avoid in Treats

The first thing to know when making a decision is that all dog treats aren’t created equally. Just because a treat is a big name doesn’t mean it contains quality ingredients. Unfortunately, some of the big name brands cut corners and use lesser quality “filler” ingredients. Ingredients such as corn, wheat, or other grains are often used as fillers to make production costs cheaper. 

Another ingredient to stay clear from are artificial colors and additives. You might think your dog wants a brightly colored treat, but really your pet isn’t attracted to colors the same way you are. They don’t need colors to enjoy their treats. They also don’t need dangerous preservatives. In fact, some European countries have banned the use of these ingredients in food products due to their cancer-causing properties. 

Lastly, while it might look like a “natural” option, animal bones can be a hazardous treat for your pet. There are quality animal bone-based products on the market, but even these have the potential to cause health concerns. Animal bones can splinter and cause gastrointestinal issues for Fido. Larger bone fragments can break off and choke the animals chewing them. Yikes! If you choose these animal bone options make sure you supervise your pet closely to make sure they aren’t injured.

What to Look For in Treats

Now that you know what ingredients you should avoid you might be asking yourself, ‘what should I look for in dog treats?’. The best advice is to think about how you’d like to eat. Do you want food that has a bunch of ingredients, or would you rather have food with simple, whole food ingredients? You should choose dog treats with simple ingredients- especially ones you can pronounce! 

For instance, Emmy’s Best Pet Products offers a Premium Chicken Jerky Dog Treat. There’s only one ingredient in these treats- chicken! The Premium Chicken Jerky Dog Treats are simply dehydrated slices of whole chicken breast that are USDA rated which means they were intended for human consumption. Not all dog treats can claim that. Dehydration is one of the oldest, natural forms of preservation without the use of artificial chemicals.

When shopping for dog treats just keep it simple! Look for whole food ingredients that you would enjoy eating yourself. Single ingredient treats such as jerkies, made with dehydrated natural foods, are one of the best choices for dog treats. They are clean, preservative free treats with no added colors, flavors, or chemicals.

Dog treats like this will make your pup happy and healthy!