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Litter Training 101: How to Litter Train a Kitten
Litter training kittens isn’t too tricky, but it does require a little patience, attention, and encouragement. Learning how to...
New Kitten Checklist: Must-Have Supplies for New Cat Owners
Welcoming a feline friend to your home is such an exciting occasion, but make sure you have all...
How to Properly Remove Pet Odors From Your Home
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New Puppy Checklist: Everything You Need for Your New Pup
So you’ve decided to welcome a furry, four-legged family member to your home — congratulations! Now it’s time to...
Potty Training 101: How to House-Train Your Puppy
After welcoming a new furry family member to your home, it’s important that you learn how to house-train your...
The Ultimate Gift Guide for Pet Parents
Emmy’s Best Pet Products offers a variety of high-quality gifts for pet owners at affordable prices. All of our...
Why Do Some Cats and Dogs Scratch Constantly?
Why do cats scratch? Why do dogs scratch? Is it normal for...
Our Guide on How to Stop a Dog From Chewing on Furniture
Learning how to prevent dogs from chewing on furniture, shoes, and other household items is important for both you and...
Why Dental Care Is Important for Dogs & Cats

Cat and dog dental care is vital to the long-term health of your furry...

How Pets Heal Their Humans: Health Benefits of Owning Pets
Adopting a pet is more than caring for a companion; the health benefits of owning pets Read More ->
How to Calm an Aggressive Cat
Knowing how to calm an angry cat is an important skill for cat owners. After all, even the friendliest cats...
How to Keep Pets Busy During Rainy Days
Having some fun indoor activities for dogs ready to go is a must for pet owners! After all, when your...
7 Ways Your Dog Is Communicating With You
Recognizing dog communication is an important part of being a dog owner. Just because our furry friends don't use...
Why All Dog Treats Aren't Created Equally
As a dog parent, it’s so important that you know what to avoid in dog treats. Dog treats are...
Things to Consider Before Getting Another Pet
Before you head to the animal shelter and start swooning over all of the adorable dogs that need homes, make...
Why Your Dog Is Chewing (and What To Do About It)
If you’ve been asking yourself how to stop my dog from chewing, you’re certainly not alone! Chewing is a...
How to Prepare Your Dog for Staying Home Alone
Are you looking for tips on how to train your dog to stay home alone? Read on! Dog owners...
Why Your Pets Are Scratching Themselves (And How to Help)
Why is my dog scratching so much? Why is my cat scratching...
Pet Emergency Preparedness: What Your Pets Really Need During a Weather Emergency
If you don’t already have a pet emergency preparedness kit ready to go at a moment’s notice, now’s the...
How to Remove Pet Stains From Carpet: Your Ultimate Guide

If you have a furry, four-legged roommate, you’ve probably wondered how to remove pet stains from carpet! Getting...

How to Stop Your Dog From Chewing

He’s cute! He’s fluffy. He’s cuddly!

But he has a deep, dark secret.

…he’s an absolute chew monster!


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